Peanut Patch, America’s favorite boiled peanut has received a facelift. Checkout our newly designed website and catch an adventure that will leave you with a taste for green boiled peanuts. The site now features a section for kids and delivers a fun flare, while also driving the overall message of family and adventure. The redesign of the website is truly another way we at Peanut Patch can connect with fans of all ages and help distribute our products on a much larger scale. “We are thrilled to debut our new website for Peanut Patch to customers, partners, fans, and media,” says Annie Ham, Vice President of Marketing for McCall Farms.

The new site helps to visually display the pride we take in processing fresh boiled peanuts and the 24 hours turnaround from harvest to can. It also provides insight into how our fans enjoy boiled peanuts, whether it’s around the campfire, at the lake, or at the racetrack. Fans can also upload photos to have them featured in our peanut patch gallery.

In addition to sharing how our fans enjoy Peanut Patch, customers also have the opportunity to discover all of our product offerings and the new limited edition flavors. This fall, we are launching four flavors that can be found in select retailers including Salt N’ Vinegar, Sweet Heat, Jalapeno Garlic, and Southern BBQ. Take a break from normal and taste adventure today with Peanut Patch.