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Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts introducing the boilin' brothers. NashvillE recording artists Bart Lattimore & Brent Underwood

Introducing the Boilin’ Brothers, Boilin’ Bart & Boilin’ Brent!

The South is famous for many things, but one snack simply stands out: Boiled Peanuts. Boiled Peanuts have become an intrinsic part of the Southern culture, and everyone in the region has tried them at least once.

Over the years, as this snack gained popularity, a dedicated – and talented – group of Boiled Peanut enthusiasts emerged – the Boilin’ Brothers. With a deep love for our Boiled Peanuts and deep roots in music, these brothers have created a unique blend of great taste and entertainment that is almost as tantalizing as our Boiled Peanuts! Without further ado, let us introduce you to the Boilin’ Brothers, their love for boiled peanuts, and the good times they’re bringing to a city near you.


First up is a face you may be familiar with – Boilin’ Bart! (Bart Lattimore). Bart is an Outlaw Country music sensation from the south, who passionately loves Boiled Peanuts and shares it with everyone. His passion for Boiled Peanuts has earned him a special place in our Peanut Patch family. If you visit our Roadside Stand, you’re sure to find Bart scooping samples or singing songs with his family and friends. His love for Boiled Peanuts alongside his talent and passion for music means he’s well on his way to becoming a true Southern celebrity. #GETBOILIN’!


Let’s meet the other half of the Boilin’ Brothers, Brent Underwood, aka Boilin’ Brent! Brent is a Country/Rock Musician and a Boiled Peanut die-hard from Bladen County, North Carolina with more than 20 years of experience singing for bands like 87&Pine, Nephilym, Drayton Road, and Messenger of Hope. Recently discovered by Nashville executives, Brent has been recording his debut solo album with 11-time Grammy Nominated Engineer Joe Carrell at Treasure Isle Studios. Brent’s music reflects his love for Southern culture, his passion for Boiled Peanuts, and the good times that they provide.

Together, they form the Boilin’ Brothers! The duo embody everything about Boiled Peanuts – the food culture, music, family, friends, and all-around Southern nostalgia behind The South’s Favorite Snack. Whether they are pickin’ around the stand or dishing out cups of steaming hot Boiled Peanuts, they are guaranteed to deliver nothing but good times and greater memories.

If you live in the United States and haven’t caught the Boilin’ Brothers yet, now’s the time to join them! They’re out and about on their Boilin’ USA Tour visiting concerts and music festivals, comedy shows, car races, and more across the Southeast and Beyond!  As you pack your bags for your next road trip or big event, keep an eye out for the Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts Roadside Stand and The Boilin’ Brothers! If you’re not sure where to find ‘em, check out the Boilin’ USA Tour Schedule here. New events are being added consistently, too!

The Boilin’ Brothers, Boilin’ Bart and Boilin’ Brent, are rising icons who embody all aspects of the South including its favorite snack: Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts! Their journey is all about bringing people together and creating good times around Boiled Peanuts, music, and good old-fashioned Southern hospitality. If you haven’t tried Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts yet, then you’re missing out on a staple of Southern Culture. Don’t worry, though, the Boilin’ Brothers are always on the move and coming to a city near you. Follow them, and who knows, you may fall in love with The South’s Favorite Snack too.

Keep On Boilin'!


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