Meet Patch

All About PATCH

  • Date of Birth: September 13, 1998 (National Peanut Day)
  • Address: 6615 S. Irby St., Effingham S. C. 29541
  • Hobbies: Organ Grinding, Trampoline, Abstract Painting, Skydiving
  • Loves: White Water Rafting, Demolition Derby, Tailgating, Hiking
  • Favorite Group: The Monkees
  • Favorite Quote: “Taste Adventure”
  • Favorite Book: “Jungle Book”
  • Favorite Movie: “Every Which Way But Loose”
  • Favorite Movie Star: Clint Eastwood
  • Favorite Food: Boiled Peanuts, Banana Pudding
  • Relatives: Shelly (Mother), Goober (Father). Goober is a great dad, but we didn’t get along well when I was little. He never saw my point of view. Simply, Goober was a hard nut to crack.
  • Occupation: SpokesChimp for Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts

Hi Ya'll

I think I have a very impressive pedigree. My great-grandfather was the chimp in several Tarzan movies. And his brother was the organ grinder in the Shirley Temple movie, “The Little Rebel.” Although my ancestors were mostly into bananas, I always loved Boiled Peanuts, especially the Peanut Patch Brand. And I’m not monkeying around when I say they’re so much better than roasted. I knew a couple of elephants who could devour them by the pound. That’s back when I had a gig with the circus, where I chased clowns until they tripped and fell (it’s hard to run in clown shoes); rode on the backs of those peanut-eating elephants (they couldn’t get this monkey off their back!); and was the only chimp who could walk the tightrope, backwards.

Woody with Peanut Patch, and his family, saw me one night stealing Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts from the elephants and running for my life. Woody later called me aside and said he loved my sense of adventure, and that I was perfect for their “Taste Adventure” marketing campaign. He hired me that night as the company’s SpokesChimp. And the rest is history. I even turned down an offer by Disney to star in, “Planet of the Chimps.” So here I am in my official capacity as SpokesChimp for Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts. The peanuts are a mouth-watering treat. They’re loved by adventurous people who prefer Wet & Juicy Boiled over Dry & Boring Roasted. Not to mention the perfect blend of herbs and spices, Real. Southern. Style.

Where Will You Taste Adventure Next?

…Rafting, hiking, tailgating, the race track, fishing, corn holing, white water rafting…? So let me know. Send your messages, photos and videos to my Facebook, Instagram or in the TASTE ADVENTURE Gallery for your chance to be featured. My Facebook page is called Peanut Patch and my Instagram name is @PeanutPatchBP. And while you’re at it, tell me your favorite flavor of Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts. Why? Because I may post some of YOUR photos & video. Plus, I’m gonna run some cool promotions because Woody\ approved my nutty proposal to give some cool Peanut Patch Prizes away…and that’s not monkey business!