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Answers to your questions

ANSWER: Of course not. They’re already cooked (boiled) and ready to savor right out of the can. But you can heat them if you’d like. Just pour the entire contents into a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 60-90 seconds, depending on the weight of your can or pouch. You can also heat your peanuts on the stovetop by bringing them to a boil, and then reducing the heat and simmering. Some people even like them cold. They can be refrigerated or put on ice until chilled.

ANSWER: It’s easy. Just use the Store Locator to find your nearest Peanut Patch retailer. Our boiled peanuts are also served warm in thousands of convenient stores throughout the southeast. Just look for the Peanut Patch sign.

ANSWER: Yes, they go straight to the can the same day they’re pulled from the ground. Our beans are fresh (green), not dried. That means they’re plump, moist and filled with nutrients.

ANSWER: Most of our peanuts are grown by local farmers in South Carolina. They’re pulled from the ground fresh and transported to our canning facility in Effingham, S. C, where they’re canned within 24 hours.

ANSWER: Our green peanuts are put in the can or pouch with water and seasonings, then boiled in the package. This is how we lock in the optimal amount of flavors and nutrients.