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The South's Favorite Snack!


The South's Favorite Snack!

Boilin' Tour

It’s time to GET BOILIN’! Peanut Patch is going on tour!

Join us in a city near you as we make our way across the USA! Check out all of our stops and the BOILIN’ Talent we’ll be have along for the ride.

Boilin USA Tour 2024
Boilin USA Tour 2024
Cajun Boiled Peanuts Pile


What The Nut?

Boiled Peanuts?! What are they? How do you eat ’em? 

Boiled Peanuts have always been our first language, but we know that’s not the case for everyone. Find the answers to all of your Boilin’ questions by checking out our FAQs below!

Boilin' Bart Holding Cajun Boiled Peanuts Can


We recently filmed a series of videos with Boilin’ Bart – a singer, songwriter, and entertainer out of North Carolina!

Check out the videos below or follow his social media to see what’s Boilin’ with Bart. 



All Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts are picked from the ground, and boiled in the can in less than 24 hours. Our process does not allow drying in the sun, and since the green boiled peanuts are boiled in the can, we preserve all of the natural nutritional value of the peanut.

cracked open boiled peanut
Cole Drummond Fishing on Peanut Patch Sponsored Boat

BOiLin' FiSHin'

Boilin' Fishin'

Meet Our Sponsored Angler, Cole Drummond! 

This is Cole’s second year fishin’ on the Peanut Patch boat and he continues to show us that the competition simply boils in comparison!

Get to know Cole and follow his fishing journey on social media by clicking below!

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